Did you know that as an Early Years setting, we are required to carry out observations and assessments on all children within our care? Tapestry is the application that we use to inform parents of their child's progress throughout their time in nursery. It is an online 'learning journal' that parents can securely access at any time to view their child's progress. Here is a link to the tapestry login page. Please feel free to leave comments on observations and activities.

We like to work closely with our parents and carers and encourage you to add photos and videos from home. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to show us what they have been up while at home or if you have been away; we always encourage children and parents to tell us about exciting things happening at home!


You can access your child's learning journey at any time from home. Simply go to:


Login with your username and password (provided on induction) and you will have full access to your child's records.


Did you know...

You can download the Tapestry app and get full access to your child's learning journal. Check on the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore: