Getting ready to go to school!

Getting ready for school can be an exciting and slightly daunting process for children and families. During this difficult time, we understand the importance of easing this process so have made little transition videos for each school that your child will be attending. Each video shows where children come in, where to put their coats and the different areas where children play and learn. This library of information is availble to all families from all settings to help prepare for school life; please do show them to your children if they are going to school in September!

All local schools are well prepared for this process; there's no need to worry. "Children develop at their own rates, and in their own ways" (DfE 2012). 

There are some fantastic resources availble online to families and children to help them prepare for school. The most important thing to remember is that, while we are all at home, is for children to have fun! We reccomend going for walks each day (I wonder what treasures you can find?), getting messy! (we love a bit of mess at The Barn!), exploring and imagining (a cardboard box can be a fort or a fairy princess castle!), baking and cooking (these are wonderful opportunities for children to explore size, shape, space, measure and quantities), reading and creating stories every day and drawing, painting and creating! 

Nancledra Primary School

Here is a short video of the classroom and outdoor areas at Nancledra Primary School. More information can be found on their website:

Nancledra School Transition Video

Nancledra School Transition Video

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St Uny C of E Academy

St Ives School

Penpol Primary School

Bodriggy Academy